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  • Response to ‘How Vegans Can Plant the Seeds of Acceptance’

    Author: George Jacobs, President of Animal Allies I refer to ‘How Vegans Can Plant the Seeds of Acceptance’ (ST 7 Nov). Everyone can make an important contribution to society, whether we are school cleaners creating a conducive environment for learning, police officers promoting public safety, or grandparents helping to raise

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  • Transformation through Diet

    Author: Shieh Yuan Joshua is a friend from university days that I met recently at a friend’s wedding. Many of us could not recognise him at first, because he had undergone such a massive transformation, he looked like two different people! Turns out he had gone vegetarian, and is feeling

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  • Why are animals important

    Why Queer People Need Animals

    Esther the Wonder Pig is fortunate to be able to live her most fabulous self after being rescued by Canadian couple Steve and Derek in 2012. Other pigs like Esther are typically slaughtered at 6 months old. Esther is 6 years old now, and could possibly live almost another decade. Image

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