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  • The One Thing Missing From Presidential Debates...

    Unless you’ve been lucky enough to have been hiding in a cave for the last few months, the US presidential debates 2016 have been raging on. From immigration to gun control, almost all the key […]

  • Are Vegans Mentally Healthy? Here’s The Less...

    Are vegans mentally healthy? We all know that a vegan diet is amazing for your bodies health, but what about your brain? Does it have a positive effect there? Are vegans mentally healthy? […]

  • Is It Vegan To Use Service Dogs?

    Service dogs, whether they’re hearing dogs, guide dogs, or dogs that help people cope with illness, can transform peoples lives. However, is using them vegan? Would it be considered unethical […]

  • 5 Vegan Shoe Brands You Should Know About

    They say ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’ but I do not completely agree with it. Sure it makes most girls happy, but it’s all on the outer appearance and how one can be […]

  • Why Being A Vegan Man Is The Most Powerful Way To...

    There’s a certain stigma, especially in Western cultures that choosing a vegan diet is a feminine thing to do. Thankfully, as more men do choose the lifestyle, this stigma is changing. Veganism […]