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"A vegetarian diet can have health benefits, as it tends to be low in saturated fat and higher in fibre and Vitamin C. Vegetarians also tend to be slimmer than meat eaters. The reason? Food based on plant sources without any meat or dairy products tends to have a lot less saturated fat, which is related to raised cholesterol levels and the increased risk of heart disease. Vegetarians also end up eating fewer calories, since cereals, fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes, seeds and nuts, tend to be lower in calories than meat and poultry for a similar sized serving" - HPB (2016)

In Singapore, lifestyle diseases are killing (cancer, cardiovascular disease) or lowering our quality of life (diabetes, obesity).

1. Cancer - The Oxford arm of the European Prospective Investigations Into Cancer (EPIC) released a report showing that vegans had a 19% lower risk of cancer!  Another meta study of several cancer studies concluded vegetarian diets are a useful strategy for cancer prevention.  Cancer is the number one killer in Singapore, according to the Ministry of Health.

2. Cardiovascular Disease - A meta study showed vegetarians had 29% lower mortality from heart disease and 12% lower mortality from stroke compared to meat eaters.  Heart disease is the #3 top cause of death in Singapore according to MOH.

3. Diabetes - A recent study found that vegans have a staggering 62% lower risk of Type-2 diabetes than meat-eaters!  Vegan diets could help reverse the trend as according to SingHealth, diabetes rates have doubled in Singapore over the past 30 years!

4. Obesity - The same study above found that vegans are the only diet group to be on average in the healthiest range of BMI range (20 to 25).  Vegan diets could help again as according to MOH, almost 11% of Singaporeans were obese as of 2010 (almost double since 1998).

And the great thing is, studies show vegans live as long or longer!  So make those years as healthy as possible with a vegan diet! 

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 The best resource for all your health questions related to veganism is  It is run by a doctor and is extensively researched with all sources cited.


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