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  • Beyond Meat

    The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Meat

    Public perceptions change. For example, in the 17th century, King James of England condemned tobacco use as a menace to society, yet in the 1950s, cigarettes were sometimes prescribed by doctors to boost people’s health, with advertisements such as one displaying a doctor saying, “Give your throat a vacation: Smoke

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  • Outreach

    What Vegans Should Know

    Author: Nicholas Ho Note: The views expressed are that of the author. As veganism inches towards the mainstream, a group of students at the National University of Singapore wanted to know what others thought about the topic. Enticing students and staff with free brownies and the chance to try our

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  • Plant Milks

    Do Alternative Foods Need to Taste Just Like ____?

    In January 2019, I was helping to organize a symposium on Biophilia (love of nature). In keeping with the Biophilia theme, most of the food was vegan, and people were urged to bring their own cups, bowls, etc. I was in charge of purchasing plant milks to add to the

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