Zero Waste Community Meetup: Food Waste – Jan 2017

Hosted by Journey to Zero Waste Life in Singapore

Since our first sharing session last October and Strait Times article about zero waste and the group, we have got many new members here now πŸ™‚ I am very happy to see many of you sharing about your attempts in minimizing waste in daily life. We’ve got new ideas, insights and inspirations from the sharing and discussion. Thank you!

With the monthly themes, I hope to also organize regular meetups so that we can meet each other in person; share, discuss and learn about waste issues and actions together. This month, our theme is food waste. Hopefully it helps to raise awareness and support actions to reduce the waste we generate in daily life and also during festive season, especially the upcoming Chinese New Year!

To make the meetup more useful, brief workshops for making eco-enzymes and composting will also be included. Here’s the tentative schedule:

11:00 AM – Short film on food waste in Singapore

11:30 AM – Sharing and discussion
+ why food waste is a problem
+ what we can do as individuals to reduce food waste

12:00 PM – Eco-enzyme and composting workshop

12:50 PM – Wrap up

Hope you can join us for a fruitful session together? More details on the workshops will be shared later after more planning. If you have any feedback, suggestions, concerns or questions, feel free to post in the discussion tab!