ACRES 16th Charity Gala

Hosted by ACRES

As Singapore matures, so does the compassion of our people. This has been seen many times in recent months with people willing to help pangolins find their way home, report otters who need medical attention, and even protest when chickens have been killed without proper reason. This year, we want to celebrate this harmony we share with the animals, and we are dedicating our charity gala to this notion. ACRES will be sharing stories on how we have – and can – live with the animals around us. You will witness heart warming stories of how our society is evolving into a more compassionate one, and how we can carry on this legacy for generations that follow. By attending the ACRES Charity Gala 2017, you will not only leave knowing that the funds you contribute will be used to aid the animals and to end animal cruelty, but you will be an instrumental part of the change that will drive our society to further become one that is able to coexist with nature seamlessly.

That is the ACRES dream. Join us in championing harmony together.

Early bird ticket sales have started selling!
Ticket pricing:
Early bird: $208 (Ends 31st of March)
Early bird table of 10: $2080 (Ends 31st of March)
Normal: $268
Table of 10: $2288

Get your tickets by emailing with the number of tickets you wish to purchase, and these details: Full Name, NRIC, Contact No., Mailing Address You will get a 250% tax exemption for each ticket you buy, so hurry! P.S. Watch this space for more exciting details about the lineup for the night!