Akira Back with the Chicks

Hosted by Chicks Eat Vegan in Singapore

The ten Akira Back restaurants around the world are named after their founder, Chef Akira Back, who was born Sung Ook Back in Korea in 1974. Later, he went to Japan to pursue a baseball career and there was given the name Akira, before moving to the U.S. to pursue professional snowboarding. Finally, he found his true calling when he took up the study of the culinary arts. Since then, Chef Akira has gone from success to success, becoming an internationally renowned chef.

But, can the restaurant do vegan? Well, his Singapore restaurant, located at the new South Beach complex near Suntec, already boasts a vegetarian menu, and happily entertained our request to turn their talents towards creating familiar, yet unique, vegan dishes.


Mushroom Pizza umami aioli, micro shiso

Tofu Carpaccio new style oil, yuzu soy

Eggplant Miso sweet miso, shiro goma

Nigiri & Maki Sampler nanatsuboshi japanese rice

cantaloupe, rosemary mousse, berry blanket

All reservations can be made by email to jw.sinjw.akiraback@marriotthotels.com, edward.wong@marriotthotels.com and mariyanto.aribowo@marriotthotels.com; or by calling +65 6818 1914 quoting “Chicks Eat Vegan at Akira Back”.

Akira Back Restaurant | JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach
30 Beach Road, Singapore 189763
(Access via Nicoll Highway)
T: +65 6818 1914 F: +65 6822 2621