Animal Allies 12th Meeting

Facebook post:

We just finished our 11th meeting! A lot has gone on the last month! If you like what we do:

Here’s all the amazing work we’ve done in the last month and a bit!
– Cherish for keeping the amazing social media team going strong! George – keeping in constant contact with print/media folks & posting in multiple Facebook pages newsworthy articles; Aproop – updating of AASG events calendar listings & creating weekly events graphic; Cherish – maintaining AASG Facebook Page; Qiuying, Zenna & Roshni – AASG Instagram; Ryza – AASG Facebook event livestreaming. And not forgetting the rest of the team for their adhoc assistance and guidance!
– Alwyn’s continued curating and follow up with our signups from events.
– Alwyn, Harsha, Kylie, Jatin for more Vegans of Singapore!
– Glenn for the Feb newsletter!
– Jaslyn and Theresa for the Trivago article!
– Ryza, Katya, Yeow, Prathima, Mike, Sonya, Aproop, Grace and Jay for volunteering at PlayLah!
– Ryza for updating our Recipes page on the website!
– Aproop for getting us set up with Adwords!
– Ryza and Hilmi for interview with Malay paper
– George for his opinion piece on subsidizing healthy food
– Ambaree and Zenna for meeting up with Cheryl Chou to continue planning press event
– Mike sent in story pitches for plant-based athletes
– Glenn, Zhi Wei, Gretchen, Harsha, Ryza, Roshni, Kripa, Nurra, Hui Yi, Murli, Yi Xuan, Sonya, Aproop, Victoria, Kylie, Katya, Ambaree, Aparna, George, Roop, Lavanya for volunteering at EarthFest!
– Victoria for giving a talk at EarthFest!
– Victoria for compiling a buffet list!
– Victoria and Cheryl for compiling catering list!
– Kylie for continued work on the list of vegan businesses.
– Roshni for planning Winnie’s going away party
– Rebecca for helping connect us to a specialist with Adwords!
– Rebecca for exploring a talk with bank
– Kripa, George, Yeow, Ryza, Katya, Rebecca, Hui Yi, and Grace for outreach at Singapore Art Museum!
– Murli, Vanessa and Jacky for organising the potluck (and all those that came!)
– George, Shash, Ambaree for meeting with Indian restaurant
– Shash for working on the proposal for revamped membership.
– Ben and Ambaree for working on wedding vegan food options strategy.
– Kripa for planning an Ubin night hike!
– Serena for updating the books page!
– Roop and George for representing at Chingay!
– Harsha for editing the Will Tuttle videos!