Animal Allies 13th Meeting

We just finished our meeting! Thanks to all the amazing people working to make Singapore healthier, more sustainable and more compassionate! Here are all the things we did over the last 6 weeks – if you want to help, join us! Don’t have time? Support us in other ways. All options at

– Jay for getting a letter published in ST
– Roshni for meeting with Hive about a screening of Live and Let Live
– Ying Ying for making our signs printable.
– Serena for updating our Eating Out guide with new fast food chains
– Pauline, Aproop, George, Mike, Katya for being part of VSS Exco at AGM (+ those that came to support)
– Shash for working on loyalty card proposal
– Jay for writing a response to Today Newspaper
– Ambaree & Mike for finishing up new details on the restaurant and business guide
– Jaya, Mike, George, Yeow, Ryza and Aproop for volunteering at Amma event.
– Ben, Jay, and Esha for meeting Health Promotion Board
– Esha, Alex, Mike for working on Hawker survey
– Harsha for working on T-shirt and card designs.
– Roshni and Bianca for continued work on a film screening.
– Rebecca for helping with strategizing newsletter improvements
– Bianca for getting Jane’s Walk registered
– Luke for meeting venue for PlantFit
– Rebecca for reaching out to more organisations to do talks
– Ishete for researching connection between deforestation in Amazon and beef consumption in SG
– Cheryl and Kylie for reaching out to more chains to figure out what is vegan
– Sri Vidya for getting us a table at Amma event + making slides
– George for planning What the Health Screening + Katya, Bianca, Sumi for helping out!
– Zenna for being featured in The Straits Times!
– George, Nur Asia, Varun, Murli, Bianca for the Cowspiracy screening!
– Rebecca for giving a talk to NTU students
– Alex, Victoria, Jony, Desy, Geraldine for organising another trip to the animal sanctuary!
– Yeow, George, Katya, Jatin, Rebecca, Priya, Henrik for volunteering at the Greenfest.
– Katya, Glenn, Pauline & Ryza for working on the starting foundations of the next cookbook
– Ambaree for meeting with HSI and coordinating with them on cage-free eggs
– Huiyi, George, Yeow, Bianca, Huanyan, Denise, Melia for volunteering at Metta Charity festival!
– Katya, Roop, Bianca for helping organise aspects of the Vegan Family Event + those that attended and helped
– George, Ryza, Cherish for doing outreach at Project-Island-A-Hand (PIAH) on Pulau Ubin
– Katherine for designing vertical banners
– George, Shash, Roop, Aproop for hosting an event about labeling vegan at Indian restaurants.
– Aproop for updating the Cruelty Free Guide!
– Kylie for filling in on the last night of EcoMe!
– Lavanya and Serafin for organising trip to St. John’s island to feed cats
– Cherish for keeping the amazing social media team going strong! George – keeping in constant contact with print/media folks & posting in multiple Facebook pages newsworthy articles; Aproop – updating of AASG events calendar listings & creating weekly events graphic; Cherish – maintaining AASG Facebook Page; Qiuying, Zenna & Roshni – AASG Instagram; Ryza – AASG Facebook event livestreaming. And not forgetting the rest of the team for their adhoc assistance and guidance! CheRyza and Mike – AASG Facebook Page
– Alwyn’s continued curating and follow up with our signups from events.
– Alwyn, Harsha, Kylie, Jatin for more Vegans of Singapore!
– Pauline for the March newsletter and Glenn for April!