Animal Allies Meeting

Animal Allies

Do you want to help animals by inspiring people to make more compassionate, healthy and sustainable choices through veganism? If so find a good reason to prioritise our third Animal Allies meeting on April 3 at 10:30 am.  I’m so inspired by the work that has gone on the past few weeks!  

  • Our social media is growing stronger:
  • We’re hard at work on designing a food give away booth!  
  • Our website is up!
  • Collaboration with ACRES, vegan bloggers/instagrammers is being explored
  • George has had to letters to editors be published nationally!  

Incredible progress thanks to dedicated volunteers!  Let’s keep the momentum going!  If you know of anyone else wanting to join that is committed, please send me their details!  A quick reminder on the types of volunteers:

  1. Animal Lover – for those who cannot commit to regular meetings with committees; Animal Lovers provide skills, volunteer time or funds for one-time projects when requested by Animal Allies.
  1. Animal Allies – work in committees – formed at our monthly meetings – to organise & execute projects.  Animal Allies are key to creating change in Singapore because they make things happen.  As such, Animal Allies must be self-motivated, dependable, and able to attend one meeting a month on a Sunday from 10:30 am onward (it’s in a restaurant with great vegan food!)

If you are interested in making a difference, contact with the details of what you type of volunteer you can be!