Bacchanalia – Michelin Star Restaurant

Organised by Chicks Eat Vegan in Singapore

Bacchanalia was where, back in 2014, we chicks had our very first vegan fine dining meal. It had just won 2 Best New Restaurant of the Year awards. Since then, accolades have been pouring in, and it just earned its first Michelin Star!

During our first Bacchanalia visit, as each course was served, oohs and aahs were followed by busy clicks on the iPhone. It was an eye opener for us. Even though we had been vegetarians/vegans for over 20 years, there were vegetables that we hadn’t seen/heard of before or knew could be coaxed into tasting so good. The creative presentation was wonderfully matched by the lovely subtle, yet surprising, taste, texture and flavour.

Bacchanalia describes their menu as reflecting their “culinary worldview: well-traveled, multi-cultural, but always looking for something new“. To that, we chicks would like to add just one word: “heavenly”!

In November, Bacchanalia is welcoming us back with a 7 course dinner. At $100++ per head, 20 places will be snapped up very quickly. So, please book your place now at

Date: 16th Nov Wed
Time: 730pm (please be punctual, as the restaurant is usually busy, even on a weeknight)

Location: Bacchanalia Restaurant
39 HongKong Street


Bread and Broth
Kimchi/saffron/Szechuan flower
Banana flowers/banana/olive oil/balsamic

Tahitian vanilla poached organic beetroots, beetroot emulsion, charred spring onion puree and quinoa cracker

Cacao and Tomato Pasta
Cacao talliarin pasta, cured tomato hearts, fermented mustard and spicy tomato broth

Coconut Risotto
Aged carnaroli rice, cold pressed coconut milk, Thai inspired salad

Eggplant fondant, tartare of eggplant, cashew cheese, turmeric and coconut curry, pomelo and mint

Pre Dessert

Date and Apple
Lentil and date ice cream, poached apple, fennel and apple sala

Coffee and tea, sparkling and still water not included. Warm/cold (tap) water is free.