Beginner-friendly Vegan Cooking Class

Happy New Year!

Last cooking class of the year! Allium-free. Fresh produce are sponsored by Quan Fa Organic Farm.

One pot meals are fuss-free and practical dishes that only needs one cooking pot to make. I will be sharing 3 well balanced recipes with protein, carbohydrate and vitamins that uses simple ingredients we can find in markets. You can make these even on weekday nights as they are super fuss-free!

For more info/to book your slot, reply to this email or PM me over instagram or facebook.

Testimonials from previous session‘s participants:

“More than Veggies’ first official cooking class held at Yi Shuai’s residence was a most memorable one. I love spicy food and this spicy comfort foods class conducted by Yi Shuai opened my eyes to more interesting ways of cooking. Thumbs up!!” – Jennifer

“Yishuai’s cooking class is fantastic! She not only teaches you the recipe and it’s instruction, but she also gives you extra tips 😀 The ingredients and tools were all neatly laid out. Hence, the whole process of the class was very smooth and efficient. I can tell that Yishuai really tries her best to ensure that her class is easy to understand and also fun !!” – Grace