Cancer Reversal Through Plant-Based Diet and Natural Regimen

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Best-selling author Kathy Freston has long been a proponent for healthy living and conscious eating. Now, through a series of interviews with doctors and nutritionists, Freston discusses the latest research that points to the benefits of a plant-based diet.

There is hope. Real, scientifically valid, practical hope.

“This is what I am learning from a few highly esteemed doctors and nutrition scientists who say there is much to be done with diet when it comes to cancer. What we eat very much affects the state of our health, so if we add in nutrition that supports healing while cutting out foods that create havoc, we can really change the course of our lives for the better.”

Here’s the bottom line:

Animal protein seems to greatly contribute to diseases of nearly every type, including cancer, and a plant-based diet is not only good insofar as prevention, but it could also be curative.”

I’ve asked Dr. T. Colin Campbell, professor emeritus of Cornell University and author of the groundbreaking The China Study to explain a little about how and why nutrition (both good and bad) affects cancer in our bodies.
Campbell’s work is regarded by many as the definitive epidemiological examination of the relationship betweendiet and disease. He has received more than 70 grant years of peer-reviewed research (the gold standard of research), much of it from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and he has authored more than 300 research papers. He grew up on a dairy farm believing in the great health value of animal protein in the American diet and set out in his career to investigate how to produce more and better animal protein. Troublesome to his preconceived hypothesis of the goodness of dairy, Campbell kept running up against results that consistently proved an emerging and comprehensive truth: that animal protein is disastrous to human health

Through a variety of experimental study designs, epidemiological evidence and observation of real-life conditions that had rational, biological explanations, Dr. Campbell has made a direct and powerful correlation between cancer and animal protein.

Attend This Live Sharing Event & Discover For Yourself…

1. Why plant-based diet is crucially important for cancer reversal.
2. Why is animal protein is so bad?
3. If one changes their diet from animal based protein to plant-based protein that the disease process of cancer can be halted and reversed?
4. How long does cancer patient need to be on plant-based diet to see changes?
5. What other recommendation cancer patient should do to avoid, stop or reverse the disease?
6. Why randomly eating fruits isn’t going to improve your condition and might actually harm your body instead – Adding fruits to your diet is important but you need the right nutrients from the right fruits.
7. The “Boost Your Immunity” natural health regime program to help fight against cancer and prevent it from resurfacing.

Mr. Nicholas GohCertified Plant-based Nutritionist (Cornell University, New York, USA)

Special Guest:
Mr. Nicholas Chia
He was diagnosed with late stage prostate cancer and how he reduced his cancer marker from a dangerous 98.7 to a healthy 0.09 within ONE year! How he did it? 

Attend this event to learn in great details what health regimen has sunk his cancer marker from dangerous level to healthy level. The same regimen has also helped other cancer patients and the outcome are very promising.

Mr. Chia will be sharing with you, his anti-cancer strategies
1. The whole foods plant-based diet for his breakfast, lunch and dinner, with detailsrecipes.
2. Important points to take note of diet.
3. Why you should eat “Clean Diet” and nothing else!
4. Light exercises to remove stress!
5. What else you should be doing to keep your state of mind at the optimum level. This is very important to help in healing.  

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