Caturday at the Projector

Cats. Cats. CATS! AHHHHHHHHH!!! It’s going to be a feline frenzy this weekend as we pair up with everyone’s favourite cat saviours The Cat Welfare Society for a truly purrfect time!

Come catch Ceyda Torun’s phenomenal study of the relationship between cats and humans in the acclaimed KEDI at 2:00pm and stay for the post-show talk ‘The Kedi and The Kuching’ – A panel on the community cat landscape in Singapore and the differences in the treatment of cats in both countries.

And someone say cat adoption drive?? Come find some nice snuggly homes for some of these darling kitties that will be nestling within our foyer that day.

Remember – the good work that The Cat Welfare Society is doing is no easy and cheap feat. It takes loads of dedication and hard work. So please, do donate generously where you can – especially on that day itself!