CBD Meetup #4 – Dinner @ Skinny Pizza

Hi All,

We had a fantastic dinner meetup a few weeks ago in CBD.

This time, lets make it even better.

Same great location, awesome company. With more nutritious and delicious food at a more competitive price.

Though the restaurant name says more on Pizza, but its really the ‘salads’ I am after.

Was introduced to this place by a friend many months ago. and tried their Kale & Quinoa Salad. and was blown away by it. As their ingredients include items such as sprouted lentils, spinach, kale and quinoa.

Don’t really remember seeing such super combo of nutritious ingredients all in a bowl!

Below is their menu and reviews:

RSVP via: http://www.meetup.com/singapore-vegetarian/events/230913036/

[Photo credit: The Singapore Vegetarian Meetup Group]