Beginner friendly vegan baking class

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BAKING CLASS] Easy Christmas Baking! Very beginner friendly.
Sharing straightforward recipes using common ingredients to make rustic Christmas treats for your loved ones. I will explain basics like how to measure ingredients correctly, the roles of ingredients, how to change the recipes to suit your tastes. All recipes are refined sugar-free, hydrogenated oils-free and do not need expensive egg replacers.

You will use quality ingredients for toppings, very kindly sponsored by Little Farms.

PM or email to book! Limited slots available as class sizes are kept small.

Testimonials from the previous class’ participants:

“Very simple and easily available ingredients, clear and easy to follow instructions, great mix of students, absolutely and sinfully delish brownies, muffins and cookies!!! I was SUPER IMPRESSED with my baking” – Hui

“Morethanveggies baking class was utterly wonderful! Chef patiently explained the procedures and showed us the tricks. With a wealth of up-to-date knowledge, she also advised us on where to get the best ingredients and what to do if we wish to experiment with different flavours.” – Erin