Circe #3, Dialogues feat. Foodscape Collective

Hosted by Bistro November and Foodscape Collective

We will be doing another pop-up, this time with Foodscape Collective! 4-course meal @$40pp++

The main focus would be on sustainability and the relationship between farmers and chefs in Singapore.

Main Topics:

Why are we as chefs getting produce from overseas instead of locally?
What are the challenges faced by local producers/growers?
Would they be interested in “upgrading” the quality of their produce?
What can we do as chefs to help in that regard?

We as chefs are always on the lookout for good/best produce. Unfortunately, we could not find them grown/reared in Singapore and hence we import it from overseas. This increases the carbon footprint. We hope to create a session where chefs and growers/producers can come together and share their thoughts and concerns and work towards a better future!

Please call us via 6347 1928 for rsvp.