Repeat of Dinner & Talk w/ a Vegan Doctor & Chef

Meetup link here

The first iteration of this event was on 13 November, and it was so popular that some people who registered were unable to get a place. So, we are repeating the event. Here are the details.

Dr Chan Tat Hon is a unique Singapore MD: (you may have to copy and paste this link into your browser).

And, his restaurant, The Bento People – – is unique too. Its extensive menu was specifically designed to cater to and delight both vegans and omnivores.

So, The Bento People is the perfect place for vegans and other vegetarians to bring their non-veg friends, colleagues and family members. The restaurant’s motto is: Where both Vegans & Meat-lovers can Choose Healthy & Eat Happy together.

Here’s the schedule for Monday, 20 November. Please arrive by 7pm and order your food as soon as you arrive. We hope that everyone can have their food by[masked]pm, so as to allow more time for the sharing by Dr Chan. You can see the choices for your bento at the restaurant’s website: ( (just scroll down a bit). Prices range from about $10-$20, depending on what and how much you order.

No advance payment necessary, just order and pay for your food at the counter. When people have eaten or at least received their food, Dr Chan will begin his talk to share about the relationship between a plant strong diet and health as well as his personal whole food plant based journey. Plus, he will answer any questions till the restaurant closes at 8.30pm.