Enjoy Vegan Food on Orchard Road at Wholesome Savour at Palais Renaissance


Several years ago, Frunatic burst onto the SG food scene with a raw food vegan eatery at Star Vista. Wow. That was really something special. At the time, maybe it was too special to last long.

Fortunately, Frunatic is back with two new restaurants, both located at B1 of Palais Renaissance. The eponymously named Frunatic offers food therapy in a fine-dining settings with menus aimed at boosting various aspects of our health, such as longevity and beauty. Next door is Frunatic’s more casual eatery, named Wholesome Savour Wellness Delicatessen. It features clean food. Both eateries are plant based.

To encourage us to try out Wholesome Savour, Frunatic is offering us a special menu at a special price. Here are the details:


Salad – mesclun mix/ basil vinaigrette/ strawberry/ citrus segments/ walnuts

Small burger – portebello/ beetroot hummus/ romaine lettuce/ vegan cheese (made from cashew and coconut/ pineapple/ mushroom patty/ tomato

Half a BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato) sandwich – onion bread/ tahini/ avocado/ coconut bacon/ romaine lettuce/ tomato/ cucumber

Alkaline Ionised water

(all dishes are vegan; some contain onion)


The special menu is available at Wholesome Savour any time between 1pm-9pm on Friday, 8 December, 2017.

7.00pm – Arrival and dining

7.45pm – Casual Talk by Catherine Tseng

8.15pm – Q&A and Discussion commence

9.00pm – Discussion concludes; delicatessen closes


$25+ (usual price = $38.25)

Kindly use the link below for registration and payment gateway. 10% discount if you pay in advance via credit card.


Casual Talk, Q&A and Discussion

Title: The Truth of Eating Healthy

Speaker: Catherine Tseng

Catherine Tseng has a bachelor’s degree in Food Science & Nutrition from University of Queensland. Before joining Frunatic, she was a Nutritionist at Mt. Alvernia Hospital, working in such areas as diabetes, maternity and geriatrics. A former athlete, Catherine is passionate about educating people to make the dietary choices necessary to attain a healthy and active lifestyle.


Ever wondered how you can slim down, improve your complexion and enhance your digestion and immunity? You will be learning how different foods have the ability to improve different aspects of your life and how to incorporate whole food with the right nutrients into your life.