GastroGeography Artist Walk

Organisd by Mamakan Art Collective

Thrill your senses as you let mother nature lead you on a gastronomic expedition.

Join the team behind the Mamakan Art Collective for a series of edible art adventures. Draw connections between food, art, memory, history and culture in this sensory experience that will change how you experience your surroundings.

“Amazing how many plants you can eat in downtown Singapore. You get a completely different perspective on the city when you walk around eating it. ”
— Mikkel

Taste the artworks in this mobile experience with food explorers Kristine Oustrup Laureijs, Laletha Nithiyanandan and Steve Chua as they bring you on an artistic food experience through various sites in the heart of Singapore.

Participants will get to taste and identify local flora, and bring home something exquisite: a little edible gift sourced and made in Singapore.

-Saturday 29th October 2016
-Sunday 6th November 2016
-Saturday 12th November 2016
-Sunday 20th November 2016

8:30 am – 11:30 am

Admission :

Meeting and ending place :
WOWhaus, Niven Road 23, Singapore

(+65) 81282725

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