Greenfest Revamps 2017

Hosted by Earthlink NTU
Earthlink NTU is the largest and most active environmental club in Nanyang Technological University (NTU). It aims to increase awareness of the NTU community on environmental issues. Our mission is to create platforms for the NTU community to make a positive difference to the environment, to advocate an environmentally sustainable lifestyle among youths, and to build their passion and interest in environmental sustainability. To know more about Earthlink NTU, you may visit our Earthlink NTU website ( or our Facebook page (
Greenfest is an annual flagship event organised by Earthlink NTU, which serves a three-fold purpose:
1. To convey that a positive change starts from every individual and this change can be amplified to make a difference to our living environment.
2. To showcase the environmental advocacies by governmental organistions (GOs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), private companies, and NTU research institutes.
3. To showcase the environmental advocacies by different portofolios of Earthlink NTU.
Our theme for the upcoming Greenfest 2017 is “RevAmpS”, which is an acronym of Revive, Amplify, Sustain. We have strong belief that by reviving the environment to better condition, amplifying the positive environmental efforts and sustaining the systematic and constructive efforts, our actions can bring positive changes to the environment. However, this inspiration will only work if the community works hand-in-hand to show concerns towards environmental issues and improve the situation.
The target audience of Greenfest RevAmpS 2017 is the students, staffs and alumni of NTU. We hope that by bringing and strengthening the collaboration between Earthlink NTU and various parties, we are able to increase the environmental awareness in the NTU community.