Gunung Nuang Hike

We have lined up the following day trip to Gunung Nuang. Gunung Nuang is one of the toughest day hike in Peninsula Malaysia. This trip could be beneficial in your training for tougher expeditions, or for hikers whom are interested to test their limits.

This hike is segregated into 4 main sections namely the never-ending road, the long pipeline walk, the treacherous steep slope up to the false summit before the last stretch of summit attack. The cut off time would be set at 12 noon at the summit.
It will take approximately 4-5 hours to reach the summit and another 4 hours to get down to the base. This timing is based on average hikers of reasonable fitness.

This hike is certainly not suitable for beginners and require a certain level of fitness. You are also required to attend at least 2-3 training sessions prior to the actual hike.
The team would be gathering at Woodlands MRT station at 1130pm on 13 May 2016 before leaving via Woodlands Immigration Customs.

Contact Bernard via WhatsApp (+65 9199 1280) soon if you are interested.

Below is a write-up on previous hiking trips to Gunung Nuang (for reference):