Health talk ‘TCM ways of eating well with balance’ and buffet dinner

Teressa is a Certified Integrative Health Coach (from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Brooklyn, New York). A Certified Raw Chef, and works as a Journalist & TV Presenter for ATV, TVB, CNA- Hong Kong, CNN etc.









Teressa will discuss:

1. TCM perspective on vegetarianism and nutrition or the lack of

2. TCM ways of eating well for balance

3. Dissecting tonight’s buffet the TCM way

4. Key concepts on yin yang balance the Singapore way

5. Vegetarianism – choice, awareness and harmony

6. Inner struggles, norm & peer pressure

7. Back to ‘fish’ – my journey through health and sickness

8. Is one diet sustainable for all times













7.15 pm Start of 9 course organic buffet dinner

8.00 pm Start of Talk

9.15 pm End of Talk

includes 9 course Vegan organic buffet dinner + Talk.

For the buffet, the chef will only decide on what dishes to cook, 1 or 2 days before event so we can have the FRESHEST and BEST QUALITY ingredient.

Below are more info on Teressa:

Teressa’s quest as health ambassador began early and in the kitchen where food was the core of love and health in her family. She is a certified raw chef and is all about feeding our bodies with the ‘right food’. She believes a colorful plate of pure, natural, whole and plant-based foods gives us the ‘rainbow body’. Teressa hopes to share her recipes and a dose for a healthy lifestyle. She is writing her first recipe book that would take readers through her journey as news reporter and health advocate.

Her news reports on health won her applause from the journalism community, including an award by Human Rights Amnest

International, HK and CNN World Report’s 2008 Best Report on Medical/Environmental Issues.

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