Health workshop @ PMSPKS monastery

Join this workshop to understand scientifically the 8 food groups:

(1) Water
(2) Proteins
(3) Carbohydrates
(4) Fats
(5) Vitamins
(6) Minerals
(7) Fibre
(8) Phytonutrients

Learn how you can consume these food healthily by understanding their healing properties and avoiding the pitfalls. You will also learn the principles of consuming a balanced and healthy diet.

For more info and registration, check out their website here

Workshop Trainer’s  Profile:
Mr Wong Kee Yew has a Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours). He is an experienced teacher advocating vegetarianism for health. He worked in the life science research sector for 10 years and has a keen interest in preventive medicine and health science. Kee Yew is a volunteer of the Vegetarian Society of Singapore, and also the founder and principal of The Veg School of Singapore