Introduction to Raw Vegan Food

Hosted by Raw Chef Yin

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  • Are you curious about the term “raw vegan food”?

  • What are the health benefits?

  • Why is the raw food movement gaining traction?

  • Can raw food taste good?

In this session, you will get a greater understanding of the world of raw food with one of Malaysia’s up-and-coming raw vegan chefs, Raw Chef Yin. Trained at the world’s leading raw & plant-based culinary school, Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy, she has conducted raw food workshops, demos and private consultations across Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia; been featured in publications such as Malay Mail, Zafigo,, Calibre, Fireflyz and has appeared on national radio shows including BFM: The Business Radio Station and Matic.FM. She also has a regular column called ‘Raw with Chef Yin’ at PurelyB – one of Asia’s premier health and wellness portals – where she writes about her adventures and misadventures as a raw food chef.

Real Food South Beach is excited to have Raw Chef Yin join us on 5 February where you will learn and experience the following:
– What is raw & living food

– Benefits of eating raw vegan food

– Easy, yummy recipes you can make at home

– Creative ways of making raw vegan food dishes beyond salads

– How to use raw food tools such as a spiralizer or a dehydrator

– Make your very own appetising dessert under the guidance of Raw Chef Yin

– Ask any questions you have regarding raw vegan food

– Enjoy a sampling session of raw food goodies

A full set of step-by-step handouts will be provided so that you can go back and easily make the delicious raw food at home too.

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