Introductory Nutrition & Healthy Plant Based Diet Workshop – Theory 基础营养学和植物性健康饮食认知工作坊/

Hosted by Kampung Senang as part of Eco Harmony. Call 6749 8509 to register for upcoming events or courses


  1. The Basic of Nutrition & Healthy Diet
  2. Benefit of Plant Based Diet
  3. Food Safety

Instructor’s Profile…
Ms Goh Ling Chih is a passionate vegan practitioner. Inspired by Natural Healer Dr Lei Chiu Nan PhD 20 years ago, Goh Ling Chih is currently a Diet & Nutrition Therapist accredited by International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) as well as a Naturopathic Diet Therapist certified by trainer OuYang Ying from Taiwan. Having acquired years of valuable veg cooking experiences, Ms Ling Chih hopes to spread the message of “healthy living, safe eating, natural healing” to all and currently serves as an active volunteer at Kampung Senang as well as various monasteries. She was also the organizing committee of the recent Green Cookoff contest as well as Singapore’s first Green and Healthy Festival 2016. She is currently pursuing a Plant Based Nutrition Certificate from T Collin Campbell Centre -Cornell University.

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