Is Green and Healthy Monday Right for You?

Many people want to reduce their consumption of meat, fish, eggs, dairy and other animal-based foods, but they are not comfortable with going vegetarian full-time. Fortunately, many countries around the world have weekly veggie days, when people switch to 100% plant-based foods for a day. In 2016, such a campaign was launched in Singapore: Green and Healthy Monday. Moving to a plant-based diet even one day a week has significant benefits for our environment, for our health and for the animals with whom we share the Earth. Learn more at this interactive talk.

This programme is limited to 60 participants.

This talk is conducted by Rebecca Cappelli, the founder of Let us be Heroes (, which aims to empower people to become a line of defense for their health, the planet and the animals.

Rebecca holds a master degree in media management, in Chinese language and culture and a Plant Based Nutrition certificate from eCornell. Now a public speaker, she delivers free talks to help people adopt a healthy and responsible lifestyle

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