Kampung Superfoods Modern Dishes

Hosted by Kampung Senang

This is going to be a really fun class. Places are already filling up. Please enrol quickly.


The best herbs to consume are those that thrive in our climatic zone. Their ability to resist pests & disease attest to the nutritional qualities they possess. The qualities in turn benefit us. It is is a pity that most of us have forgotten how to use these herbal treasures. This class will focus on modern recipes that use superfood herbs like Turi, Noni, Sayur Manis, and Turmeric. Dr. Julia Lim will share 6 vegan recipes:

Turi Curry Gumbo
Sayur Manis Shepherd Pie
Eggless Sweetleaf Omlette
Noni Turmeric Tonic Shot
Fruity Superfood Tea Blend
Turmeric Golden Milk Sago

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