Kitchen Backstories presents: Raw Food Demystified with Chef Yin

Kitchen Backstories presents
Sunday 22 January, 2.30-5.30pm, THB 1500

What is ‘raw food’? While, for newcomers, the term may conjure images of bloody meat or sashimi – these days, the term is rather more commonly associated with raw vegan food; that is, uncooked, unprocessed, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds (and this is the definition we shall use here). And, before you run off with images of bland salads in your mind instead – we’re here to tell you that some of what’s happening in the global raw food scene today would rival many a Michelin-starred experience.

In this inaugural edition of Kitchen Backstories, we explore the world of raw food with one of Malaysia’s up-and-coming raw vegan chefs, Yin Yin Boey. A graduate of the globally-renowned plant-based culinary school, Matthew Kenney Culinary, the past year has seen the ever-energetic Chef Yin educate over 140 students in raw food across Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore; contribute to publications such as Malay Mail, Zafigo,, Calibre, Fireflyz – and appear on Malaysian radio shows including BFM: The Business Radio Station and Matic.FM. She also has a regular column called ‘Raw with Chef Yin’ at PurelyB – one of Asia’s premier health and wellness portals – where she writes about her adventures and misadventures as a raw food chef. We’re excited to welcome her to Thailand and host her debut event in the capital.

The 3-hour session will begin with a brief introduction to Kitchen Backstories, after which Chef Yin will provide an overview of what raw food is, and its many benefits – and share what she’s doing to shake up the raw food scene in her hometown KL. She’ll then show you how to make 2 of her favourite raw food dishes: Cauliflower Risotto and Spaghetti Marinara – and invite you to try your hand at making one of your very own. Participants will taste and comment on each dish, and the session will end with some concluding remarks.

Participants are welcome to stay on to fully enjoy the (raw) fruits (and vegetables) of their labour!


1430 Registration and raw vegan ‘cocktail’
1500 Introduction to Kitchen Backstories
1510 Raw Food Demystified with Chef Yin
1525 Q&A
1535 Cooking demonstration
1610 Activity
1640 Plenary and feedback
1655 Closing remarks
1700 Networking


1,500 baht per person, inclusive of ingredients, welcome raw vegan ‘cocktail’ and Kitchen Backstories ‘goody bag’ (includes recipe cards)
A discount of 20% is available for groups of 3 or more.
Cooking equipment will be provided by the venue.


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–> Buy a ticket at the door, but this will be subject to availability.

Please note that places will be confirmed upon payment of fees. The class is limited to 15 seats only; first come, first served!

*** Deadline for registration is 20 January *** to allow us adequate time to prepare materials and ingredients.


Raw Food Chef

As a child, Yin grew up munching on her raw cucumbers, carrots and celery sticks snacks and didn’t think it was unusual until she received weird looks from her classmates in school. But it was only in July 2014 when she first made her fully raw meal – a raw lasagna with cashew cheese and broccoli sun-dried tomato pesto – did she realise how raw food could be so delicious and energising!

Since then she has been on a quest to learn how to make the most awesome raw food recipes ever, leading her to train at the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy, the world’s first classically structured raw and plant-based culinary school. It is also recognised as one of the world’s best cooking classes by Food & Wine magazine. With the Academy, Yin has completed the Everyday Raw Express, Introduction To Raw Desserts and Everyday Raw Detox courses. She is also currently studying at The Raw Chef Academy on “Raw Food Styling” and is also undergoing the “Raw Teachers Training Intensive course” by Karen Knowler.

Armed with some of the most innovative techniques on raw food preparation, Raw Chef Yin has already been crafting her very own raw recipes which have a uniquely Malaysian flavour including Raw Bunga Telang Ice Cream, Ciku Pudding with Dragon Fruit Coulis and Spicy Malaysian Mango Tartare.

She currently provides private instruction to anyone who is interested in making healthy, energising and yummy raw meals. Raw Chef Yin has conducted raw food workshops & demos in Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Singapore. To date, she has taught more than 140 students on raw food preparation.

From time to time, she also provides her pop-up raw cafe services upon request at places such as Eats, Shoots & Roots and Makespace KL.

Her mission is to change the perception that raw food is tasteless, too green and totally unappetising. She wants the world to know that raw food can and should be mouthwateringly scrumptious and delightfully appealing.

Read all about Raw Chef Yin’s raw food adventures in her weekly column “Raw With Chef Yin” on PurelyB, Asia’s Health and Wellness website where she is a guest contributor.

Instagram: @rawchefyin

Presenter and Founder, Kitchen Backstories

The first words to come out of Rosalind’s mouth as a child were, quite fittingly, food items: ‘nana’ (banana) and ‘cumum’ (cucumber). And, years later, here she is once again, communicating about food – albeit in a slightly different way.

A curious flexitarian aspiring towards plant-based living, Rosalind founded Kitchen Backstories as a means to surface and share food stories that can help us develop a fuller understanding of the people, ingredients and traditions ‘behind the plate’. She believes that through appreciating the ‘backstory’, and thereby deepening our relationship to food, we can also develop a fuller understanding of ourselves and the world.

Rosalind is a graduate of plant-based academy, Matthew Kenney Culinary (obtaining her Certificates in the Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine and Culinary Nutrition in 2015), a student of the Jamie Oliver Cookery School – and is currently pursuing the Wines and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Level 3 Award (Level 2 – Distinction). She also holds a B.A. (Hons) in Economics from Cambridge University, and an M.Sc. in Educational Studies from Oxford University – and is advisor to PwC Consulting on corporate sustainability and climate change-related matters in the food and beverage sector.



Kitchen Backstories is a talk and workshop series aimed at surfacing and sharing stories to promote a fuller understanding and appreciation of food and food culture – and through this, a fuller understanding and appreciation of ourselves and the world..