Let’s talk about Education | Chapter Meeting 12

Hosted by the Mother Earth Toastmasters Club

Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.

Since 2000, the total enrolment rate of primary education in developing regions increased from 83% to 91% in 2015. Despite the progress, 57 million children still remain out of school due to high levels of poverty, armed conflicts and other emergencies. How can we bridge this gap?

On the other hand, in the developed countries, we have the privilege of completing not only primary education, but also secondary, tertiary and beyond. However, it seems that the education system is far from perfect, as suggested by the many problems that our society is struggling with. What should we do about it?

We look forward to have a meaningful discussion with you in our next meeting!

Date: 20 Oct (Fri) 6.30pm – 10pm
Venue: Room 903, NTUC Building, 1 Marina Boulevard
Register at: http://metmc12.eventbrite.com/

Engage in small group discussions and impromptu speaking, and listen to developing speakers express their prepared thoughts on the issues and actions that we can take moving forward.

The event is free for members and appointment holders. $12 is applied for guests. This supports us in our venue and refreshment arrangement.

Please register via Eventbrite (http://metmc12.eventbrite.com/) to indicate your attendance so that adequate amount of food can be prepared.