LIYF Enzymes And Probiotics Class x The Healing Concierge

Tickets available here

Join Jeff Ng in this amazing class to learn about the power of Enzymes and Probiotics, and how to incorporate it into your daily life!

-Learn the power of Enzymes to cleanse heal and regenerate your body!
-Learn about the power of Probiotics and how to use plant-based raw living cultured foods to build a healthy gut microflora and supercharge your immunity!
-Learn about The Paradise Diet and Lifestyle, and how LIYF Foods, Enzymes and Probiotics will transform your life!

You will learn how to make:
-Lemon Ginger Blast with Enzymes
-Sprouted Almond Coconut Yogurt
-LIYF Yogurt Bowl

The Paradise Diet Book and Puradyme products will be on sale at the event.