Merambong Island Tour

Hi guys!

I am organising a trip to a Merambong Island off Johor where lots of marine wildlife still thrive! The tour will be guided by Kelab Alami Mukim Tg Kupang; you can see photos from their Facebook page ( – different types of interesting crabs, octopus, sea slugs, sea stars, etc. They even saw a marine iguana once!

Due to building development and land reclamation along the Johor coast, these natural heritage may be lost soon 🙁 I hope you can join me in this unique experience. Feel free to invite your friends!

Cost per person (excluding transport to/from Singapore):
– RM 135 for adults
– RM 80 for children ≤7yrs

Cost breakdown:
– Boat rental = RM65
– Guiding fee = RM30
– Refreshments = RM15
– Education Fee = RM25
All earnings go directly to the local community. The education fund allows Kelab Alami to support the continued education of
their full-time crew.

Group size: 8 – 30 people.

Depending on the number of people, we may charter cars / vans / bus between west Singapore and the jetty in Johor. We will leave the jetty by 5pm, so perhaps we can leave Singapore around 3-4pm.

I will update you guys again once I confirm the payment details (how much and how to pay).

NOTE: Kelab Alami offers tours to Seagrass Meadow and Pulau Merambong. This trip on 2nd Oct is for Merambong Island. I am also organizing another one to Seagrass Meadow on 17th Sep 🙂


Contents below are copied from Kelab Alami’s brochure (


You will enjoy up close and personal immersions in the habitats – you may get wet up to your knees (so wear appropriate clothing). But we will only be walking in very shallow waters during the low tide. (No need to swim!)

It could be very hot, or it might rain – but in the event of strong winds or a lightning storm we will have to cancel the tour for everyone’s safety.

You will get to see either the seagrass meadow or Merambong Island and dig around for the secrets that they hold. There are many critters hiding around the flora but we cannot guarantee that anything will appear as they are wild and beyond our control. If you are lucky you may spot octopi, sea hares and seahorses – at times there is mating or egging action. Sea stars, crabs, shrimp and snails abound and you might find the odd dugong feeding trail. Even without major wildlife sightings, there will be lots of habitat trivia for you to learn and discover.

These are unique natural areas that cannot be found elsewhere in Peninsular Malaysia – and sadly we are never sure how long they’ll be around for.

Don’t miss this chance to visit these areas before they
become mere memories on a photograph…

– Waterproof bag to protect your stuff from the sea.
– Long pants if you tend to be allergic to things (some people itch if they touch epiphytes and other floaty critters in the water)
– Weather appropriate gear: hat/ shades/ raincoat etc
– Water to drink while at sea
– Aquashoes/ dive boots or Adidas Kampung
(NOTE: Wellington (Pua Chu Kang) boots will not work as they will fill up with water – slippers & sandals will break. There are sharp things in the sand that can cut you if you are unlucky so you will not be allowed to go barefoot.)

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