Night Walk on the jungle boardwalk of Singapore Botanic Gardens

Hosted by Cicada Tree Eco-place

Date: FRIDAY 17th MARCH 2017

Time: 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Location: Singapore Botanic Gardens (SBG)

Cost: $13 per pax. Free for participants’ kids aged 6 yrs and below.


Meeting Point:

We meet at 6.15pm at the clock tower inside the main lobby of the Visitors Centre building of SBG at Nassim Road.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT GO to the Botany Centre at Tanglin Gate, opposite Gleneagles Hospital.

Address: 1 Cluny Road, S(259569)


Please note:

-Remember to bring a working torchlight with batteries, poncho/raincoat/umbrella, refillable water bottle, herbal mosquito repellent (eg: Moz-Away “Natural” from Guardian Pharmacy).

-Do eat something before coming.

-Please wear full-length long pants, teeshirt or long-sleeved cotton shirt, socks and fully covered shoes.

-Your nocturnal nature guide is Andrew Tay, Hp 985 62262


Walk brief:

SBG is a lovely old garden created almost 200 years ago. It still retains its original primary rainforest patch. Although now totally surrounded by housing, busy roads and more development, this lush garden is still home to some adaptable species of wildlife. This time we explore its rainforest via an extensive boardwalk. The larger wildlife that used to live here have long gone extinct, but we should bump into the smaller night critters and creepy-crawlies. Kids will use our bat detector to locate both insect and fruit eating bats. Three species of owls roost and nest here—the Spotted Wood-owl, Collared Scops-owl, and the Buffy Fish-owl which recently had a chick. It will be quite an experience to walk among giant rainforest trees at night! This walk ends back at our start point.

Please note: Neither Cicada Tree Eco-Place nor its teachers/guides are in any way responsible for any injury or damage to participants or participants’ belongings during the activities.

Wet weather policy:


-If it rains heavily that morning/afternoon/evening, then we may have to cancel the walk. The guide will update participants on that morning/afternoon/evening if the weather looks bad.

If walk is cancelled, we will hold it on another date or refund.

-If the rain is only a drizzle with no thunder, lightning or strong winds, then it is safe for us to go ahead with the walk/activity.

-If it rains when we are already at the venue, then we wait for a while for the rain to stop. We will take cover under nearest available shelter.

-If it rains when we are already doing the activity, then we take cover under the nearest shelter to wait for the rain to stop for the activity to continue.

-If we can’t continue with the walk due to rain, we will refund half the amount. However, if lesson is more than halfway through, there will be no refunds.

-If the guide assesses that it is reasonable to continue with the lesson/walk, but the participant decides not to continue, there will be no refunds.

-There will be no refunds for no-shows.