Paddle @ MacRitchie Reservoir

Easy paddle, splash water, relek and chit chat!

V Kayakers is official! Our virgin event is happening on 1 May!

Easy paddle, splash water, relek and chit chat!

Where: Paddle Lodge @MacRitchie Reservoir

When: 1 May 2016 (Sun), 9am to approximately 11am

$15 / hour for sit-on-top kayaks (novice zone** only)
$20 / 2 hours for closed-deck kayaks*
$35 / 2 hours for sprint kayak* (K1)

*minimum 1 star certification

Please bring:
1) Water (Recommended: 2L)
2) Toiletries and a change of clothes
3) Sun protection apparel/sunblock lotion/sunglasses/cap

Join us if you are available!
RSVP via Meetup event:

The event is a super beginner level of kayaking because we want to encourage all levels of kayakers with different level of experience to bond.

Excessive cash/valuables are not recommended to bring along.

See you then!

(WhatsApp Cherish on +65 9144 4385 for any questions regarding the event)