Plant based Persian lunch

Let’s meet together to prepare some VEGAN Persian lunch on the 3rd of March at 11.30 at Bencoolen Street
I would love to show you that Persian cuisine however famous of its kebabs can be veganised, can be healthy and most importantly ……..sooooo tasty.

We are going to prepare 3 dishes :
Mirza ghasemi (my personal favorite) – Mirza Ghassemi is a Northern Iranian appetizer or main based on aubergine, distinct to the Caspian Sea region. Mirza ghasami is full flavours of garlic, roasted peper, turmeric…….

Ghormeh Sabzi – is an Iranian herb stew. It is a very popular dish in Iran and neighboring Azerbaijan Republic. It is often said to be the Iranian national dish and it’s full of aromatic herbs. Mist try if you would like to discover Persian cusine

Khoresh-e Fesenjān – or simply Fesenjān, is an Iranian and Turkish stew . It’s a very rich, comforting stew wher the main ingredients are walnuts. Yummy……

This class will be hands-on , we are going to cook everything from scratch , and hope we will have a lot of fun

After the class we can either sit together and enjoy the meal or you can take your food home

PAYMENT only $65 per guest (prepayment required)

Please contact me at or on 82928020 if you would like to join the class