Plant based Persian New Year dinner

Join me for a delicious veganised (plant- based diet) Persian New Year Diner. on the 17th of March at 6.30 pm at Bencoolen Street
Nowruz literally “new day” is the name of the Iranian New Year and marks the beginning of spring and is the biggest annual celebration in Iran.

In Iranian homes there is always a big New Year’s feast , but even far away from Iran we can still celebrate it in Singapore.

I will serve you veganised version of famous Iranian dishes

One thing you will notice in all Nowruz dishes is an abundance fresh herbs.There is a very good reason for this! Fresh herbs symbolize rebirth. This is very appropriate for this time of the year as with the arrival of spring brings new life in nature. Therefore all dishes being served during the evening will be packed with fresh herbs

The dishes are :

Ash Reshteh – Probably the most famous ash (soup) recipe from Iran.

Sabzi Polow – Iranian style rice with herbs

Ghormeh Sabzi – Iranian herb stew , often called the National Dish of Iran

Mirza Ghasemi – is a tasty and delicious dish from the northern region of Iran. Once you taste this dish you are going to fall in love with it, especially if you like eggplants and garlic

Sholezard – Iranian traditional saffron rice pudding dessert. Also known as Persian Saffron Rice Pudding.

PREPAY only $55 per guest
You can try magical Persian cusine , meet new friends and have a great time !
Please contact me directly on 82928020 or via Facebook if you would like to join