Please join us for a Plant -based (vegan) Polish Dinner on the 12th of December at 7pm. Come and try an Eastern European food with a vegan twist. Beetroot, cauliflower and potato can be a true star of the dinner.
Please bring a big appetite and let me take you through the journey to my homeland.
Starter – famous beetroot soup – Borscht (barszcz). Its popularity has spread throughout Eastern Europe and the former Russian Empire, and – by way of migration – to other continents
Main dish Cauliflower cutlets. Most famous polish cutlets are made from ground meat but veggie one can be as flavorsome. It can be very surprising what you can do with a humble cauliflower.
Dessert – polish chocolate pudding – BUDYŃ. Healthy twist of the childhood desert, made of millet so it’s packed with proteins, and still very rich and chocolatey
COST only $45 per person (prepayment required)
You can try vegan Polish food , meet new friends and have a great time !
Please contact me directly on 82928020 or at