PlantPure Summit 2016

What you’ll learn at PlantPure Summit 2016…

  • Understand the truth of how numerous scientific studies now confirm that a whole foods diet comprised primarily of vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and nuts is optimal for human health.
  • Discover the challenges doctors face in promoting the power of plant-based nutrition to prevent and even reverse our top chronic diseases.
  • Learn how healthcare professionals and organizations are using ‘lifestyle medicine’ to transform healthcare.
  • See how issues of health, ethical consumption, and sustaining the environment are inter-connected, accelerating the plant-based lifestyle movement.

Join us as we bring together healthcare industry, experts, and organizations from around the world, to promote using proven plant-based nutrition and lifestyle changes in our fight against Heart Disease, Type II Diabetes, Cancer, and Obesity.

Important Note: due to technical restrictions the available seats on this webinar summit are strictly limited! Reserve your spot now and sign in early to ensure your participation.

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