Rainforest Walk at Lower Peirce Reservoir

Hosted by Cicada Tree Eco-place

Rainforest Walk at Lower Peirce Reservoir

Date: SATURDAY 18th MARCH 2017

Time: 10.00am to 12.00pm

Cost: $13 per participant. Free for participants’ kids aged 6 yrs and below.

Venue: Lower Peirce Reservoir Park


Meeting Point:

We meet at 9.30am at the main entrance of Lower Peirce Reservoir Park at Old Upper Thomson Road, outside the toilet building, behind the petrol stations.

End Point: This walk ends at another entry point to the boardwalk at Old Upper Thomson Road which is nearer to the Casuarina Road junction. Participants may want to exit here to have lunch at the Casuarina Road shops. For those who need to walk back to the starting point and car park, we will do so by back-tracking.

Address: 16 Old Upper Thomson Road (off Upper Thomson Road), S(576214).


Please note:

-Bring refillable water bottle, poncho/raincoat/umbrella, hat, snacks, herbal mosquito repellent.

-Wear full-length long pants, socks and fully-covered shoes. Long-sleeved shirt is recommended, otherwise teeshirt will do.

-Your naturalist-guide is Andrew Tay, Hp 985 62262


Walk Brief:

Our priceless Central Catchment Nature Reserve (CCNR) consists of the reservoirs of MacRitchie, Lower & Upper Peirce, Lower & Upper Seletar, and the crucial rainforests that surround them. The rainforest here creates rain and catches rainfall, storing it in its ecosystem, and drop by drop form streams slowly winding through the forest and into the reservoirs. So in Singapore, we are also drinking water that has been made and filtered by rainforests!


We visit Lower Peirce Reservoir to walk its canopied forest trails, along its reservoir banks and forest stream. The Lower and Upper Peirce reservoirs are actually the headwater site of the Kalang River. The forest streams here are this river’s origins, to flow and join with the Geylang and Singapore Rivers before they together meet the sea (but now the Marina Barrage).


The CCNR is still home to many native wildlife, most already gone extinct in other parts of de-forested, highly developed Singapore where they once lived. Here live pangolin, mousedeer, colugo and wild pig. Also Gold-ringed Catsnake, Black-bearded Flying Dragon, Banded Woodpecker and Greater Racket-tailed Drongo. At water’s edge, jewel-like dragon and damsel flies flit about. We should be able to spot the Treehugger Dragonfly on one of the waterside trees here. White-bellied and Grey-headed Fish-eagles hunt over the reservoir. The orange Four-ridged Toad calls at the forest stream and we may spot the well-camouflaged Copper-cheeked Frog on a leaf, both depending on an unpolluted source of water for their tadpoles.  


Our rainforest walk is a gentle stroll on level boardwalks and pathways with some steps. Baby buggies are possible. This walk ends back at our start point.



Please note: Neither Cicada Tree Eco-Place nor its teachers/guides are in any way responsible for any injury or damage to participants or participants’ belongings during the activities.


Wet weather policy:


-If it rains heavily that morning/afternoon/evening, then we may have to cancel the walk. The guide will update participants on that morning/afternoon/evening if the weather looks bad.

If walk is cancelled, we will hold it on another date or refund.

-If the rain is only a drizzle with no thunder, lightning or strong winds, then it is safe for us to go ahead with the walk/activity.

-If it rains when we are already at the venue, then we wait for a while for the rain to stop. We will take cover under nearest available shelter.

-If it rains when we are already doing the activity, then we take cover under the nearest shelter to wait for the rain to stop for the activity to continue.

-If we can’t continue with the walk due to rain, we will refund half the amount. However, if lesson is more than halfway through, there will be no refunds.

-If the guide assesses that it is reasonable to continue with the lesson/walk, but the participant decides not to continue, there will be no refunds.

-There will be no refunds for no-shows.