Reiki for Animals

Organised by A Home for the Arts

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This class is part of The School of Uncommon Knowledge

This class provides an introduction to what Reiki or energy healing is and how this can be applied to animals as well. The class will be a sharing session whereby participants who have experience in Reiki (for humans) or other forms of energy healing techniques for animals are welcome to share their stories as well. The class is held in an intimate setting, where the participants can sit on the floor in a circle.

About Bianca Polak

Bianca is an IT professional and in her free time she is interested and active in arts, photography, heritage, culture and nature, guiding tours at Bukit Brown Cemetery, volunteering with the Singapore Film Society, etc. She is of Dutch origin and came to this part of the world in her late twenties. After a few years in Malaysia and China, she started living and working in Singapore, which she has called home for the past 16 years. Two years ago she started practising Reikiand became a Reiki master this year.

She also loves animals and has 3 adopted cats at home.