Smart TransportNation – Mother Earth Toastmasters Meeting 15

Hosted by Byron Nifakis and Ashokan Ramakrishnan

Location: Room 901, NTUC Building

If there is one item that we can all agree has contributed to environmental pollution, it’s motorised transportation based on fossil fuels. It’s a topic that we all can related to, as we all must move around to go about our daily business, as workers, entrepreneurs, students or retirees.

What has been the impact of our transportation choices which have evolved from using the forces of nature, such as walking, beasts of burden, sail boats, oar boats, and bicycles, to fuel based solutions such as trains, planes, automobiles and ships?

Come join us for our next meeting as we explore the fascinating topic of transportation and sustainability. Delicious and healthy food will be served. Guests are welcome at a cost only $5 for students and $10 for working adults.