Start Right with Living Foods [Vegan]

Dear Folks, the last living foods class before Dr Julia Lim travels for a couple of months. Sunday 28 Aug, 11am to 5pm. At Eco-Harmony kitchen at Kampung Senang. $150 per head only.

To register for this workshop, please either message Dr Lim via or e-mail her:

A little about Dr Lim

Dr Lim (Phd, MA, Cllg Psyh) is a Transpersonal & Astro Psychologist, Certified Living Foods and Transformational Yoga Instructor.

A teacher and creator at heart, she is guided by her passion for vibrant and conscious living and helping others find fulfilment and actualised potential in life. Her approach to wellness entails alignment of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves.

Julia felt called to holistic wellness work in 2011 after a transformative process of personal awakening. Prior to that, she enjoyed a productive career in education doing counselling, teaching, and research.

Now, she divides her time between coaching individuals and groups, teaching raw foods and yoga, and creative work. She has a wealth of experience in counselling and growth therapy with youths, adults and families, and designing processes processes to help others in inner discovery.