Still Life at SGIFF

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Maud Alpi is a French screenwriter and filmmaker. She has made a number of award-winning short films, which include Lucas sur terre (2007), Nice (2009), Courier (2011) and Drakkar (2015). Still Life (2016) is her debut feature which won the Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award at the 2016 Locarno International Film Festival.

“No animal gets out of here alive.” Every night, Virgile leads beasts to their death. They are trapped by unflinching cold metal, helpless against the gruesome demise that awaits. Amidst all this violence, his dog, Boston, observes everything: not only the nightly cries, but also the fleeting, tender moments shared between Virgile and the animals. But even the dog’s eyes start to realize something: he is living in a world where the terror is unending.

Still Life is uncompromisingly authentic in its depiction of brutality. The violence depicted on screen is not simply for its own sake; it augurs the loss of humanity and a questioning of our relationship with all things living. Maud Alpi’s film is deeply humanistic despite its savage imagery, especially in its most fantastical scenes. Hers is a camera that does not flinch – neither should you.”