Sustainability+, a NUS Student Dialogue


Hosted by Sustainability+

The Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) Student Committee and the Environmental Law Students Association (ELSA) of NUS Law will be hosting an NUS-wide undergraduate dialogue on sustainability and environmental issues – Sustainability+. This dialogue aims to create a platform for NUS students to come together to share thoughts and ideas as well as inspire one another. This dialogue is open for all – regardless of faculty or major.

The theme for our dialogue will be centred around rethinking sustainable development and asking the question “Is sustainability still possible?”. This will take the form of small group discussions based on topics of interest. This is a student-led dialogue with NUS students as facilitators and participants in a neutral setting. The dialogue will not necessarily seek to find answers to questions but to allow NUS students a platform to explore the topics.

For further questions and information, do drop us a message on Facebook or email us at