Talk: 25 Great Birds in Asia

Open to the Public

Stretching from the Siberian taiga to the humid rainforests of Indonesia, Asia is a continent of great contrasts and home to more than a quarter of the World’s bird species. While some of these like the Philippine Eagle and Spoon-billed Sandpiper are now very well-known thanks to considerable conservation publicity, many species remain poorly studied, and often confined to remote parts of the region. Through his extensive travels, Yann Muzika is fortunate to have personally observed up close most of the continent’s birdlife, including many of its most threatened species. In this talk, Yann will share with us 25 of the most memorable species he has encountered. One of these birds is the mysterious Sillem’s Mountain Finch, rediscovered by him on the western Tibetan Plateau after having gone missing for nearly a century. Yann will also relate his experiences working closely with local conservationists across Asia to save some of these threatened birds. A talented wildlife photographer, Yann’s talk will feature many of the spectacular images he has captured from the wilds of Asia.

About the speaker
Yann is a French birdwatcher and wildlife photographer currently residing in Hong Kong and has been based in Asia for almost 20 years. Yann regularly contributes his images to the Oriental Bird Image database, as well as a number of online media, books and magazines. Yann has travelled widely across Asia to document the continent’s birdlife and biodiversity. On one such expedition to a remote part of the Tibetan plateau in 2012, Yann photographed and rediscovered the long lost Sillem’s Mountain Finch, an enigmatic species that had not been seen since 1929. Besides his photographic work, Yann also contributes to a number of bird conservation projects in Bangladesh, China and Indonesia.