Talk: Food, Senses and Memory-Making

Hosted by Foodscape Collective

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Tasting Heritage: Thinking about Food, Senses, and Memory-Making

Identities of self, families, and social groups are expressed through memories and embodied recollections of the past. How is the past remembered through food and the senses? What is it about foodways that make them memorable accounts of past and present family life, as well as ethnic and national heritage? By analysing cookbooks and other forms of culinary writing comprising food memoirs and biographies, the talk demonstrates not only the importance of how food connects and feeds into one’s history, but that such links are further contextualised within the trajectory of Singapore as a food nation.

Speaker biography

Kelvin E.Y. Low is Associate Professor and Deputy Head of Sociology at the National University of Singapore. His main research interests include sensory studies, food and foodways, and migration and transnationalism. He has written monographs on Remembering the Samsui Women: Migration and Social Memory in Singapore and China (UBC Press 2014 & 2015; NUS Press 2015), Scents and Scent-sibilities: Smell and Everyday Life Experiences (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2009), and co-edited a book on Everyday Life in Asia: Social Perspectives on the Senses (Ashgate 2010).

Treehugger Pop-Up Cafe 10am-2pm

Vegan Cheese Making workshop 2-4pm

Thinking Edibly Food Sessions 03: Eating Local 4-5.30pm

Held at Nóng by Edible Garden City
Hort Park
To get in: you’ll need to go past the visitor’s centre, go straight towards the landscaped area with water, and then turn left to go down the steps towards the retail space.

Thinking Edibly is an independent project facilitated by Foodscape Collective, with friends. Over the past year, we have met many people passionate and invested in creating a better, healthier, more sustainable lifestyle for themselves and others. We want to craft a community where food, health and belonging can come together, one that sees the value of care and empathy for humans and nature, on a deeper level.

By kickstarting a process with different stakeholders in the food system, we hope to talk and think imaginatively, to draw together motivation and interest in growing a sustainable future for food, the people and natural ecosystems supporting it, and to create the opportunity for a collective food vision to emerge.