Thinking Edibly 02 Local recipes, tastes: Casting glamour

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Session 02 of the Thinking Edibly Food Sessions
Local recipes, Local tastes: Casting glamour
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Good food is more than just tasty, it is indah. Drawing inspiration from INDAH, a mother-daughter team selling home-made, local kuehs, we look at the act of creating the perfect dish. Where does the enchantment of food begin? Is it in the ingredient used, in the smell from the stove and the roughness of charcoal, in the feel of moist dough beneath one’s fingers? Who is more enchanted, the one cooking, or the one eating?


In this session with tidbits and refreshments handmade by our speakers, we share stories about our fascination with food and food preparation, asking: how does glamour attach itself to food? Why are certain foods and lifestyles more glamourous than others? What is the spirit of food and food preparation we want generations after us to remember? And how can we pass this on?

Facilitated Discussion, Open to Public (Max 15 People)

Possible Subtopics:
/ Who’s cooking?
/ Receiving and reinterpreting glamour: Learning to cook – people & environment
/ Memories of food/gastronomic nostalgia: smells, tastes, designs
/ The places of glamour: Intimate parties – family, friends, & houses

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