Threepeat of Dinner & Talk w/ Vegan Doctor & Chef

Meetup link here

This event is a winner in so many ways: (1) good and healthy food at a reasonable price; (2) a talk and Q&A by an MD with a fascinating backstory who spends time to address our questions; (3) a convenient location, just a few minutes from an MRT station; (4) last, but not least, diverse people – from meat eaters to long-time vegans – show up and ask a wide range of questions.

Here’s how it works. Please arrive by 7pm and order your food: lots of vegan choices, but also you and your guest can order meat. You should receive you food in about ten minutes. By 7.45, after most people have finished eating, Dr Chan will begin his talk, which is a combination of story telling and information sharing. Q&A should begin about 8.15, and we’ll wrap up before 8.45.

Here’s a taste on the most recent iteration of this event, on 20 Nov.

One participant expressed her happiness that after 12 years of being vegan and being told by doctors that her diet was bad for her health, at this Meetup event, she finally met Dr Chan who told her she was on the right track.

When another participant asked about the nutritional benefits of eggs and dairy, Dr Chan used a analogy: if your daughter has a boyfriend who is very filial to his parents, is his filial nature enough to convince you that he would be a good husband for your daughter? Maybe he’s a gambler; maybe he’s an alcoholic. We need to see the big picture. Yes, eggs and dairy have benefits, but what else do we need to know about them?

No advance payment required. Registration will close when we reach 30 pax.