Vegan Cooking Class – Polish Lunch

Let’s meet together to prepare some VEGAN Polish lunch.
I would love to show you that Polish cuisine however famous of sausage and different kinds of meat products can be veganised.

We are going to prepare 3 dishes :
Starter – famous beetroot soup – Borscht (barszcz). Its popularity has spread throughout Eastern Europe and the former Russian Empire, and – by way of migration – to other continents

Main dish Cauliflower cutlets. Most famous polish cutlets are made from ground meat but veggie one can be as flavorsome. It can be very surprising what you can do with a humble cauliflower.

Dessert – polish chocolate pudding – BUDYŃ. Haelthy twist of the childhod desert, made of millet so it’s packed with proteins, and still very rich and chocolatey

This class will be hands-on , we are going to cook everything from scratch , and hope we will have alot of fun

After the class we can either sit toegterh and enjoy the meal or you can take your food home

PREPAY only $70 per guest