Vegan Dinner to get you in the mood

Looking to crank up the heat this Valentine’s Day? You and your love can get in the mood vegan-style with this aphrodisiac-laced menu of delicious meat- and dairy-free decadence
On the Eve of Valentine’s Day please join me for a vegan dinner packed with aphrodisiacs (food to stimulate your romantic desires)

Vegan aphrodisiacs could be just what your body’s starving for this Valentine’s Day, whether you consider yourself an herbivore or not. Even the most devout steak-eater may want to partake in a meat vacation to enjoy the wonderful side effects of plant-based foods that fuel the libido. So please join me and other likeminded people for the plant based dinner on the Eve of Valentine’s Day at 7 pm at Bencoolen Street

We will start with homemade cashew nut cheese with home baked superfood bread.
Men should eat cashews, pecans, almonds, walnuts, and other nuts to take in a healthy amount of zinc, which keeps men potent. Nuts are also high in protein, which gives you the energy to keep you going throughout the day—and night.

As a main course we will serve quinoa spaghetti with homemade basil pesto with a side dish of lemon infused grilled asparagus
Basil’s anti-inflammatory properties are said to combat lowered libido and, ahem, any system malfunctions. Just a few bites of Pesto Pasta will enflame your evening, not your system
Asparagus is rich in aspartic acid which neutralizes fatigue causing ammonia in your system and its high calcium, vitamin E and potassium content cleanses the kidneys and boosts energy, this veggie is thought to give you amorous stamina so you and your beloved are prepared to become the Energizer Bunnies of romance.

As a sweet finale rich chocolate avocado mousse will be served
Nothing shows your love better than a chocolate for your sweetheart. Chocolate contains the chemical phenylethylamine, which is believed to stimulate romantic feelings by making you happy and excited. Its natural caffeine provides an added boost by giving you more energy.
It was the rich flavor of the fruit that gave avocado its aphrodisiac reputation as far back as the Aztecs.

PAYMENT only $50 per person (prepayment in advance)
Please contact me at or on 82928020 if you would like to reserve your place