Veganic New Year Gathering @ New Green Pasture

Hosted by Organic Living

Dear all,

It has been a long while since we last had an organic meet-up!

Coming 2017, we should have a gathering to kick start a New Year with good food and healthy diet. Please join us at the special dinner at New Green Pasture.

Sophia, the boss will be preparing for us these mouthwatering dishes 😀

Date: 6 Jan 2017

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: New Green Pasture

Fee: SGD35/pax

1. Rainbow Yu-sheng 七彩素捞起

2. Mediterranean cous cous 飘香中东饭

3. Gluten free sandwiches 特制無麦麸三明治

4. Lotus Stew 香焖莲藕

5. Pearl Grain Sushi 珍珠饭寿司

6. Salad Taupok 沙拉豆包

7. Coral Jelly 珊瑚藻

8. Lemongrass Lemon Drink 香茅柠檬热饮

If you would like to joilike for the healthy veganic meal, kindly confirm by payment of SGD35 to POSB SAV[masked] and then Whatsapp [masked] or email [masked]

Thank you!!


Kee Yew